Cloud and Systems Concentration

Concentration in Cloud and Systems

Students may declare a Concentration in Cloud and Systems after completing CS 3423 Systems Programming with a grade of "C-" or better. All candidates for the Concentration in Cloud and Systems must fulfill the Core Curriculum requirements and the Computer Science degree requirements including, as part of the upper-division computer science electives in item B in the degree requirements, the following course:

  • CS 4843 Introduction to Cloud Computing

plus three additional courses selected from the following (an elective can only be counted towards one concentration):

  • CS 3873 Computer Networks
  • CS 4243 Large-Scale Data Management
  • CS 4633 Simulation Techniques
  • CS 4663 Distributed & Cloud Systems Security
  • CS 4713 Compiler Construction
  • CS 4823 Parallel Programming
  • CS 4833 Embedded Systems
  • CS 4853 Advanced Systems Programming
  • CS 4863 Distributed Computing and Systems
  • CS 4963 Advanced Topics in Systems and Cloud

All courses in concentration are elective courses. See catalog for more details about prerequisites.

What can I do with a "Cloud and Systems" concentration?

The “Cloud” refers to things you can access with the internet. Cloud computing is basically Internet-based computing that allows you to use other powerful computers, algorithms or data outside of your own local computer.

Example of Cloud and Systems

Gmail is cloud computing that allows you to read and write emails in your account that are not on your computer.