Bridge Courses for Non-CS Students

Interested in pursuing a Masters in Computer Science but don't have a Bachelors in the field? If you have strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) background and/or related degrees, that's OK!

To accommodate the increasing interest of non-CS students in our graduate programs, the UTSA Department of Computer Science developed two Bridge courses for those with STEM backgrounds to pursue the master degree in Computer Science. The two courses are as follows:

  • Foundation of Software (main foci include advanced data structures and algorithms)
  • Foundation of Systems (main foci include basic knowledge of computer organization and architecture, operating systems and concepts of compilers)

The applicants are expected to be strongly self-motivated and have a good undergraduate GPA (for example, higher than 3.5) and previous programming experience in C/C++. For those students who satisfy the requirements, they will be conditionally admitted into the graduate program with the condition of taking the two requisite bridge courses in the first year.

After successfully passing the two courses (must earn at least a B or higher in each course), the students can then register for the other CS graduate coursework.

Important note: These two bridge courses will NOT be counted towards the master program.

For more information, please email the CS Graduate Advisor of Record Dr. Dakai Zhu