Faculty Grants

Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: Conceptualization: Planning a Sustainable Ecosystem for Incorporating Parallel and Distributed Computing into Undergraduate Education

Sponsor: Natl Science Fdn
Period: 2019-08-01 - 2021-01-31
Amount: $423,921
PI: Prasad, Sushil

CS4SA-HS: Developing a collaborative of secondary computer science teachers to increase Latinx participation in CS

Sponsor: Natl Science Fdn
Period: 2019-09-16 - 2022-08-31
Amount: $999,556
PI: Yuen, Timothy

CONNECT- the CONsortium on Nuclear sECurity Technologies

Sponsor: US Dept of Energy
Period: 2019-09-06 - 2022-08-31
Amount: $2,999,9995
PI: Nash, Kelly

FY19 State and Community Coordinated Cybersecurity Training

Sponsor: US Dept of Homeland Security
Period: 2019-09-01 - 2020-08-31
Amount: $2,547,585
PI: Granado, Natalie

Planning Grant: Engineering Research Center for Sustainable Urban Ecosystems

Sponsor: Natl Science Fdn
Period: 2019-08-23 - 2020-08-31
Amount: $100,000
PI: Matamoros, Adolfo

STTR: NASA: ROBOT: Rules Oriented Blockchain Operations Transactor

Sponsor: Emergent Space Technologies, Inc.
Period: 2019-08-19 - 2020-09-18
Amount: $35,000
PI: Jadliwala, Murtuza

PACT: Panoply Adapted for Cybersecurity Training

Sponsor: US Natl Security Agency
Period: 2019-08-12 - 2020-08-31
Amount: $149,824
PI: Boppana, Rajendra

ITESM: Detection and Visualization of DDoS Attacks on Software-Defined Networks

Sponsor: UTSA VPR Office
Period: 2019-08-08 - 2020-07-31
Amount: $80,000
PI: Boppana, Rajendra

Continuing Training Grant FY18

Sponsor: University of Arkansas System
Period: 2019-07-03 - 2021-09-30
Amount: $514,911
PI: Granado, Natalie

CNS Core: Small: Robust Performance Guarantee of Containerized Microservices in the Cloud

Sponsor: Natl Science Fdn
Period: 2019-05-30 - 2022-09-30
Amount: $243,940
PI: Lama, Palden

CAREER: Software Environment Analysis and Configuration for DevOps Practice

Sponsor: Natl Science Fdn
Period: 2019-03-31 - 2024-08-31
Amount: $492,358
PI: Wang, Xiaoyin

B2CSM: Blockchain-Based Cyber Security Management: Design, Analysis, and Prototype Implementation

Sponsor: US Dept of the Air Force
Period: 2019-03-01 - 2019-12-31
Amount: $124,790
PI: Xu, Shouhuai

Cognition and Neuroergonomics Collaborative Technology Alliance-subprojects NSST, LARG, SANDR, RWN-VDELS

Sponsor: DCS Corp
Period: 2019-02-20 - 2020-06-30
Amount: $1,269,831.52
PI: Robbins, Kay

National Security Collaboration Center project: Malware Propagation Modeling

Sponsor: LGS Innovations
Period: 2018-11-01 - 2019-10-31
Amount: $149,000
PI: Beebe, Nicole

VENOM-Aided Adaptive Denial of Service Attacks on Sofware Defined Networks

Sponsor: US Natl Security Agency
Period: 2018-09-01 - 2019-08-31
Amount: $215,142
PI: Boppana, Rajendra

SaTC: CORE: Small: Collaborative: A Framework for Enhancing the Resilience of Cyber Attack Classification and Clustering Mechanisms

Sponsor: Natl Science Fdn
Period: 2018-08-01 - 2021-07-31
Amount: $499,997
PI: Xu, Shouhuai

Robust Machine Learning for Cyber Operations

Sponsor: University of Texas at Dallas
Period: 2018-09-10 - 2019-12-31
Amount: $100,000
PI: Sandhu, Ravi

SPX: Collaborative Research: Pinpointing and Resolving Scalability Culprits Hidden in Different Components of the Whole System Stack

Sponsor: Natl Science Fdn
Period: 2018-07-01 - 2022-06-30
Amount: $499,992
PI: Liu, Tongping

PAM: A Pattern-Based Measurement Model for Improving Software Reliability Phase 2

Sponsor: Minority Serving Institutions STEM Research & Development Consortium (MSRDC)
Period: 2018-06-11 - 2018-11-25
Amount: $45,250
PI: Niu, Jianwei

SALSI: Enhancing Safety and Security of Clinical Alarm Systems: An interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical-Human Analysis

Sponsor: UTSA VPR Office
Period: 2018-06-07 - 2019-05-31
Amount: $50,000
PI: Chen, Qian