Student Dissertations

Detecting Memory Model Bugs in Multi-Core and Many-Core Systems
Islam Mohammad Majharul
October 2017

Time Sensitive VM Provisioning for Resource-Constrained Clouds
Rehana Begam
August 2017

Applying Semantic Analysis for the Alignment of Natural Language Privacy Policies with Application Code
Rocky Slavin
August 2017

Time Sensitive VM Provisioning for Resource-Constrained Clouds
Prosunjit Biswas
April 2017

Approximating Application Performances in Data Centers and Simulated Machines
Mohammad S Islam
August 2017

Novel Algorithms and Metrics for Functional Discoveries From Networked Biological Data
Lu Liu
May 2017

A Holistic Approach Using Honey Communities for Cyber Event Detection and Protection in Communities and Large Distributed Organizations
James Rutherford
April 2017

Developing Tools and Algorithms in Digital Geometry
Iffat Chowdhury
July 2016

Understanding of Geometric Visibility in Polygons
Qing Wang
July 2016

Obfuscated Malware Detection and Classification
Moustafa Saleh
April 2016

Video Representation for Fine-Grained Action Recognition
Yang Zhou
April 2016

Authorization Federation in Multi-Tenant Multi-Cloud IaaS
Navid Pustchi
April 2016

Machine Learning Approaches Toward Genome-Wide CIS-Regulatory Element Discovery and Transcription Factor Binding Sites Modeling
Zhen Gao
August 2015

Towards Understanding and Improving Gait Rehabilitation in Virtual Environments Using Latency for Mobility Impaired Persons
Gayani Samaraweera
November 2015

An Elastic Mixed-Criticality Scheduling Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
Hang Su
August 2015

Securing Multimedia Communication in Traditional and Emerging Architectures
Ali Tekeoglu
July 2015

Content-Based EEG Data Retrieval and Annotation for Time-Locked and Continuous EEG Data
Kyung Min Su
November 2015

Attribute-assisted Learning for Web Image Applications
Junjie Cai
September 2015

Algorithms for Map Construction and Comparison
Mahmuda Ahmed
July 2015

Machine Learning and Graph Theoretical Approaches Toward Precise Disease Classification, Prognosis and Treatment
Md. Jamiul Jahid
June 2015

The Relentless Execution Model for Task-uncoordinated Parallel Computation in Distributed Memory Environments
Lucas Wilson
May 2015

Hyper-Sequence-Graph Mining
Xinran Yu
April 2015

Constraints for Attribute Based Access Control with Application in Cloud IaaS
Khalid Zaman Bijon
April 2015

Task Allocation and Path Planning in Wireless Sensor and Robot Networks
Andrew Wichmann
April 2015

Understanding and Improving Motivation for Rehabilitation in Virtual Environments for Mobility Impaired Persons
Rongkai Guo
August 2014

Build and Reconstruction on Transcriptional Regulatory Network and Network-Based Disease Prediction
Chengwei Lei
June 2014

Multi-Tenant Access Control for Cloud Services
Bo Tang
July 2014

Provenance-Based Access Control Models
Dang Nguyen
July 2014

Hierarchical Distributed Loop Self-Scheduling Schemes on Cluster and Cloud Systems
Lijie Zhang
April 2014

Verifiable Delegated Computation on Outsourced Data
Qingji Zheng
April 2014