Student Dissertations

Detecting and Preventing Common Memory Vulnerabilities in Production Software
Sam Silvestro
May 2019

Information Retrieval and Semantic Inference from Natural Language Privacy Policies
Mitra Bokaei Hosseini
May 2019

Improving Cloud Storage Performance with Adaptive Resource Management
Ridwan Rashid Noel
May 2019

Building QoS-Aware Cloud Services
Joy Rahman
April 2019

Online Malware Detection in Cloud Auto-Scaling Systems Using Performance Metrics
Mahmoud Abdelsalam
November 2018

Secure Cloud Assisted Smart Cars and Big Data: Access Control and Implementation
Maanak Gupta
November 2018

Routing Multiple Flows and Collecting Link State Information in SDN
Erdal Akin
October 2018

Attribute-Based Access and Communicaton Control Models for Cloud and Cloud-Enabled Internet of Things
Smriti Bhatt
July 2018

Postural Stability for People with balance Impairments in Virtual and Augemented Reality
Sharif Shahnewaz Ferdous
June 2018

Performance Prediction of Parallel Applications
Rodrigo Escobar Palacios
May 2018

Study and Prioritization of Dependency-Oriented Test Code for Efficient Regression Testing
Nahid Mostafa
March 2018

Access Control Models for Cloud-Enabled Internet of Things
Asma Alshehri
March 2018

Expressive Power, Safety and Cloud Implementation of Attribute and Relationship Based Access Control Models
Tahmina Ahmed
November 2017

System Call Anomaly Detection in Mutli-Threaded Programs
Marcus Pendleton
November 2017

Performance and Accuracy Analysis of Programs Using Approximation Techniques
Riad Akram
November 2017

Anomaly-Based Debugging of Correctness and Performance Issues in Multithreaded Programs
Mohammad Alam
November 2017

Detecting Memory Model Bugs in Multi-Core and Many-Core Systems
Islam Mohammad Majharul
October 2017

Time Sensitive VM Provisioning for Resource-Constrained Clouds
Rehana Begam
August 2017

Applying Semantic Analysis for the Alignment of Natural Language Privacy Policies with Application Code
Rocky Slavin
August 2017

Time Sensitive VM Provisioning for Resource-Constrained Clouds
Prosunjit Biswas
April 2017

Approximating Application Performances in Data Centers and Simulated Machines
Mohammad S Islam
August 2017

Novel Algorithms and Metrics for Functional Discoveries From Networked Biological Data
Lu Liu
May 2017

A Holistic Approach Using Honey Communities for Cyber Event Detection and Protection in Communities and Large Distributed Organizations
James Rutherford
April 2017

Developing Tools and Algorithms in Digital Geometry
Iffat Chowdhury
July 2016

Understanding of Geometric Visibility in Polygons
Qing Wang
July 2016

Obfuscated Malware Detection and Classification
Moustafa Saleh
April 2016

Video Representation for Fine-Grained Action Recognition
Yang Zhou
April 2016

Authorization Federation in Multi-Tenant Multi-Cloud IaaS
Navid Pustchi
April 2016

Machine Learning Approaches Toward Genome-Wide CIS-Regulatory Element Discovery and Transcription Factor Binding Sites Modeling
Zhen Gao
August 2015

Towards Understanding and Improving Gait Rehabilitation in Virtual Environments Using Latency for Mobility Impaired Persons
Gayani Samaraweera
November 2015