UTSA CS Remote Instruction Resources

In response to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and to support the health and well-being of our university community, UTSA Department of Computer Science is providing the following resource directory to assist its students, faculty, and staff to help facilitate remote learning. This page will be continually updated as needed.

To read the latest department announcement regarding COVID-19, click here.

Last Updated August 19, 2020

Tools for Computer Science Department

Department Virtual Assistance Resources
Tool Details Reference Link(s) and Document(s)
CS Department Office Phone and Email

The Department office will continue to answer and respond to phone calls and emails in a virtual setting.

CS staff will continue to be available Monday through Friday remotely.


We strongly recommend using the cs@utsa.edu email as the primary method of contact, as all CS Staff have access and can answer accordingly.

Undergraduate Student Assistance

Graduate Student Assistance

For individual staff directory, click here.

CS Main Lab Resources*

The CS Main Lab will be closed until further notice.

All CS Online Tutoring (except MATLAB) will be provided via Discord

Click here for the latest info on:

  • Tutor Schedules
  • CS Online Tutoring via Discord
  • MATLAB Tutoring Resources
  • How-tos & FAQs

UTSA is piloting on-demand 24/7 tutoring to connect students with qualified tutors across multiple subjects. 

The participating CS courses for Tutorme.com are:
  • CS 1714 (Programming II)
  • CS 2124 (Data Structures)
  • CS 2233 (Discrete Mathematical Structures).


UTSA Library The John Peace and Downtown library buildings will be able to help during online instruction by providing access to a vast collection of digital resources and quality reference services via chat, email, and telephone. Librarians are also offering virtual consultations and instruction.

For more information, visit UTSA Libraries

Students needing internet access can reach out to the Tech Café.

CS Faculty Remote Office Hours

Course instructor and TA office hours by course is available for student reference.

Be sure to also check Blackboard Learn for announcements and instructions of how/where to connect with the instructor online.

CS Department Faculty Remote Office Hours Fall 2020 - click here.

For faculty directory, click here.

For adjunct faculty directory, click here.

Faculty Undergraduate Advisor of Record The CS UGAR is available via email for undergraduate related issues by appointment. Email Turgay.Korkmaz@utsa.edu
Faculty Graduate Advisor of Record The CS GAR will provide assistance to graduate student related issues by appointment.



Prospective Student Inquiries and Requests For more information and to request virtual meeting appointment with a CS Department representative. Email cs@utsa.edu
CS Help Tickets For technical help related to Computer Science Department assets and resources.


Academic Support Reference Documents
Tool Details Reference Link(s) and Document(s)
VDI for Faculty and Students For accessing UTSA CS servers remotely. https://vdi.cs.utsa.edu
SSH for Faculty and Students For transfering files to UTSA linux server. SSH fox01.cs.utsa.edu-fox06.cs.utsa.edu
Prerequisite Override Form To request to waive prerequisite and/or to request consideration of course(s) not yet listed in Banner. Click here
Time Conflict Override To request permission to override time conflict(s) listed in course registration. Click here
Transfer Petition Form CS department transfer petition form for students Click here
CS PhD Petition to Transfer Courses Form For students to transfer course credit for doctoral CS credit Click here
CS Undergraduate Internship Credit Form Form to request CS academic credit for undergraduate internship participation Click here
CS Graduate Internship Credit Form Form to request CS academic credit for graduate internship participation Click here
CS Department Registration Approval Form Form for CS classes that need departmental/instructor approval Click here
Independent Study Course Form Once this form is completed and approved by the CS Department, it must be forwarded to the One Stop Enrollment Center for processing. Click here
Masters Degree Plan Form to outline a graduate student's degree plan Click here
Master's Thesis Registration Form Form to declare masters student's thesis proposal Click here
CS Directed Research Form Directed research form for CS graduate student Click here
Comprehensive Exam Registration Form Comprehensive exam registration form for non-thesis options 1 and 2 (CS 6961) Click here
Dissertation Committee Evaluation Form Form to be completed by graduate dissertation committee evluaators Click here
CS MS Change of Advisor Form For the change of masters advisor Click here
CS PhD Doctoral Advisor Form For the selection or change of a doctoral advisor Click here
CS PhD Registration Form CS course registration form for current doctoral students. Click here
CS Dissertation Presentation Form CS doctoral dissertation presentation form for current doctoral students Click here
University Supported Resources
Resource Reference Links and Documents
UTSA Coronavirus Updates


UTSA Coronavirus FAQs https://www.utsa.edu/coronavirus/faq/index.html
UTSA Final Exam Schedules https://asap.utsa.edu/terms.htm
Technology Resources for Remote Working and Learning


Remote Desktop User Guide Click here for instructions for remote desktop access for connecting to Windows Computers. Certain steps must be completed on the OFFICE computer BEFORE leaving campus.
UTSA Digital Learning https://odl.utsa.edu/
Blackboard Collaborate https://odl.utsa.edu/blackboard-collaborate/
Proctorio for Blackboard To request Proctorio on Blackboard for faculty course use, complete the following request form and send it to Michael.Brand@utsa.edu
CNCT Comunications, Networking, Collaboration, and Technology (Phone Services) For UTS Instructions on how to forward faculty/staff office phone to your cell phone, visit https://www.utsa.edu/oit/FacAndStaff/TelephoneServices/Services/cnct.html
Tech Cafe http://www.utsa.edu/techsolutions/techcafe/
University Technology Services

For technical help related to UTSA assets and resources go to: http://www.utsa.edu/oit/FacultyAndStaffServices/Support/OITConnect.html

University Technology Services - Microsoft Teams https://www.utsa.edu/OIT/facandstaff/collaboration/microsoft/teams/
University Technology Services - Virtual Private Network https://www.utsa.edu/oit/FacAndStaff/Wireless/Services/VPN/WhatUsesVPN.html
CS Faculty OneDrive Click here - Must login using UTSA credentials
CS Reimbursement/Supply Request Documentation  Click here - Must login using UTSA credentials. If you have problems accessing the folder, please email Pik.Chanhom@utsa.edu 
MIT Press Direct (temporary access provided by UTSA Library until May 3, 2020) http://libguides.utsa.edu/az.php?t=40869 
IEEE Xplore Articles and standards from the IEEE Xplore digital library that may help researchers understand and manage different aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic are now free to access. Learn more
Emergency Aid Information and Resources for Students

If you are faced with a financial challenge due to an unforeseen circumstance, there are resources available to help you. From a re-evaluation of your financial aid, to emergency loans and grants, our Roadrunner Food Pantry and Counseling Services, UTSA is here to help you continue to attend school. 

To apply for one-time Emergency Aid, click here

To request additional resources to be included in this directory or alert us of broken hyperlinks, please email cs@utsa.edu 

UTSA is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and is receiving guidance from international, U.S., Texas and local public health officials. For more information, visit UTSA’s Coronavirus Updates website.