Faculty Cluster Hire in Quantum Computing and Information Systems

UTSA is currently looking for candidates to fill 3 faculty positions to foster collaborative research, education and outreach and to create multi-disciplinary areas of knowledge that will advance the fields of Quantum Computing and Quantum Information systems. Salary and start-up supporting packages for the positions are highly competitive. More hires will occur next year as funding permits.

At UTSA, we come from many different backgrounds. The UTSA campus is committed to accessibility to persons with disabilities. We have different ideas. We dance to different beats.  UTSA envisions a universally designed academic community that supports the inclusion of all faculty.

By its nature, quantum technology is multidisciplinary. UTSA seek synergistic, yet complementary research associated with the convergence of electrical engineering, material science, computer science, mathematics, and physics.  Multi-disciplinary research is encouraged and could span the departments of Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, Computer Science, or Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research topics of interest include

Quantum Computer Systems
Experimental design and development of prototypes and scalable platforms, quantum circuits including quantum sources, detectors, memories, and repeaters.

Quantum Communications and Mathematics
Quantum information theory, new operator theories, quantum measurement, entanglement, algorithms for generation and processing of quantum signals, quantum internet, quantum error correction, fault tolerant quantum networks and protocols for generation, swapping, distillation, and mitigating quantum decoherence.

Nexus of Quantum Computing and Computer Science
Software solutions for usable quantum computers, quantum algorithms, quantum supremacy, quantum security, quantum compilers, quantum languages, quantum simulators, and quantum programming.

Quantum Physics
Quantum computing emulation of molecules, materials, or nuclear matter with other more-controllable quantum systems such as trapped ions, superconducting circuits, or neutral atoms, quantum materials, quantum optics, devices and techniques.

Background Information

Within an area rich in historic attractions, affordable housing, and excellent medical facilities, the San Antonio corridor is a high-tech hub that is home to many major computer companies and federal organizations.  Quantum Information and algorithms are critical research and development areas at the intersection of computer science, data intensive computing & technology, and cybersecurity. The ideal candidate will facilitate the initiation and further the development of a national recognized research effort in Quantum Computing or Quantum Information Systems. 

The newly hired quantum faculty have the opportunity to significantly influence research within a dynamic, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural research environment. It is the policy of The University of Texas at San Antonio to promote and ensure equal employment opportunity for all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran status.  Collaboration is encourage with UTSA’s emerging National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC), Schools of Data Science, and Open Cloud Institute (OCI).   The metropolitan area is also home to a multitude of synergistic industries that depend upon information: Microsoft, Rackspace, USAA, UT-Health biomedical facilities, U.S. military bases.

The College of Sciences and College of Engineering invites applications for tenure-track/tenured faculty at the level of Assistant, Associate, or Full professor for candidates in Quantum Information and Applications or Quantum Computing, as described. Joint appointments in multiple departments in multiple colleges are possible. Required qualifications include a Ph.D. in Physics, Math, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science with a focus in one or more areas of Quantum Science: Computation, Algorithms, Information, Optics, Sensing, or Circuits. Responsibilities include building inter-disciplinary teams, contributing to an inclusive and collaborative environment with faculty inside and outside of UTSA, promoting public-private partnerships, high levels of professional motivation, independent research, teaching, and service. Qualified candidates will be considered for Endowed Faculty positions.

Required Qualifications and Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will have a Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) and publications commensurate with appointment levels in their departments.  Successful candidates will be expected to develop and maintain externally funded research programs, engage in both undergraduate and graduate education, and contribute their leadership and innovative thinking towards global prominence in their respective discipline. Moreover, the successful candidate must demonstrate their ability to work with and be sensitive to the educational needs of diverse urban populations and support the University’s commitment to thrive as a Hispanic Serving Institution and a model for student success. Teaching opportunities will vary by department and teaching qualifications will be considered for alignment within their respective department.

Application Process:

UTSA is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Applicants must submit their full application package via the online posting at https://jobs.utsa.edu/postings/13906. For general questions or additional information on this Cluster Hiring Initiative, please contact: Bernard Arulanandam, Interim Vice President for Research, Economic Development, and Knowledge Enterprise (VPREDKE) at Bernard.Arulanandam@utsa.edu or 210-458-8176.

Multidisciplinary Hiring Scenarios

(1) Lead, Open Rank, Open Department 

  • Quantum Information Systems
  • Quantum Computing and/or Circuits


(2 & 3) Remaining Open Rank, Open Department (remaining area not of the lead)

  • Quantum Information
  • Quantum Computing, Circuits, or materials
  • Quantum Algorithms


Joint Appointment among the College of Engineering and College of Sciences

The Four Departments are:

  1. Electrical and Computer Engineering: ece.utsa.edu
  2. Computer Science: www.cs.utsa.edu
  3. Physics & Astronomy: www.utsa.edu/physics
  4. Mathematics: math.utsa.edu
    Joint affiliation of the faculty with two departments is preferred due to the multidisciplinary nature of quantum research.  The six scenarios are:
    • Scenario 1: ECE/Physics Candidate
    • Scenario 2: Physics/CS Candidate
    • Scenario 3: Math/Physics Candidate
    • Scenario 4: Math/CS Candidate
    • Scenario 5: Math/ECE Candidate
    • Scenario 6: ECE/CS Candidate

Three position at the Tenured/tenure-track Full/Associate/Assistant Professor level in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Math or Physics. The position targets faculty with expertise in Quantum information, quantum computing, quantum circuits, or quantum algorithms:

One Lead Position at the Tenure-track Full Professor in any of the Four Departments under any of the six joint appointment scenarios.  This is targeted towards faculty with expertise and interest in conducting research in quantum computing, quantum circuits, or quantum information systems

Two positions at the Tenured/tenure-track Associate/Assistant Professor level in any of the four Departments under any of the six joint appointment scenarios complementary to the lead appointment; interests are anticipated in quantum computing, quantum algorithms, or quantum information systems