Texas Camp Web Development Conference


Organized by volunteers from the regional Drupal community, Texas Camp is a web development conference occurring in San Antonio on October 18 - 19, 2019. Texas Camp will feature curated sessions and panel conversations by internationally-renowned Drupal experts. Texas Camp offers attendees the opportunity to increase their Drupal knowledge through networking, training, sessions, lightning talks, code sprints, and more.  

When is Texas Camp?

Day 1 - October 18, 2019 Training Day - If you are looking for in depth training on a specific topic.

Day 2 - October 19, 2019 Sessions / Community Day - Brings many people together for broad coverage of many topics, networking, and fun!

Future Dates: Texas Camp is an annual event.  We listened to your feedback and have moved the camp to a cooler season which also gives everyone a chance to recover after DrupalCon.

More Details?  See our program page for what to expect this year.

This year's Texas Camp is in San Antonio, Texas at Codeup. (We greatly appreciate their generosity in sponsoring the location)

We are offering discounted student rates as “Community tickets”.  To register, go to https://2019.texascamp.org/news/tickets--get-your-tickets