MITRE Internship July 2019 - Sept 2019

The MITRE Corporation is looking for students, rising Juniors or Seniors, to fill internship positions.  These positions run July-Sept, however, they will be hiring additional interns in the Fall.  All interested students can send their resumes to Patricia Geppert at

General - Fast learner, self-sufficient, & starving for knowledge

What they will be doing:

  • C++ (preferred) / Python
  • Network configuration (routers, switches)
  • Network traffic capture and analysis (wireshark, tshark, nmap, scapy)
  • Software-defined radios & RF signal processing (GNU Radio)
  • GP-GPU development using NVIDIA CUDA toolkit
    Example of specific tasks:
  • Network Analysis
    • Develop Wireshark dissectors for custom protocol analysis
    • Work with Bedford to develop Interface Control Documents (ICDs) to orchestrate multiple network analysis tools (like nmap)
    • Review existing ICDs for multiple network analysis tools
  • CyberFX - Set up Network
    • Configure server
      • Ubuntu
      • Distribute PXE boot image to network of ~15 laptops
      • Atlassian (JIRA, confluence, git, team chat)
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
    • Configure router
    • Configure switch with port mirroring and VLANs
    • Laptop with PXE boot image
      • Ubuntu or CentOS install and configuration
      • Install and verify tools for development and protocol analysis
    • Sanitization Procedures
      • Obtain letters of volatility
      • Determine methods to verify non-volatile memory and return to factory defaults
  • Photon - Test Plan and Data
    • Generate simulated data using GNU Radio Companion
    • Generate real data with sig gen and noise source
    • Develop unit/regression tests
    • Look at automation tools, learn to use, teach others
  • Photon - Code Development
    • Develop C++/Python templates for Photon infrastructure
      • Google Protocol Buffer parsing and validation (very basic coding)
    • Develop debug user interface
    • Port existing code to modular architecture and verify functionality