Apply for The B.E.A.T. Rowdy Runners - Project Based Internship (UTSA)

Business Enabled Acquisition & Technology (B.E.A.T.) LLC is a Small Business Administration 8(a) global cybersecurity & information technology solutions provider Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Our priority is building lasting relationships supporting the Department of Defense, Federal agencies, commercial industry, local community and nonprofit organizations. B.E.A.T.’s Cybersecurity team is comprised of industry experts well versed in achieving tactical, operational, and strategic objectives in complicated cyber terrains. Our combined leadership and technical expertise allow us to support and propel our partners through business enabling technology and management objectives.  

Interns will take part in a stimulating guided work experience using emerging technologies and industry standards. They will be expected to work as a team on a project, to develop from the ground up, and contribute to the advancement of the B.E.A.T. Innovation Team and Cybersecurity Division. The project will be short-term and will continue through the duration of the project.  


- Must be a U.S. Citizen  

- Available to work 12-20 hours per week (class schedule flexibility)  

- No certifications required  

Roles & Skills   

Cyber -Tools, threats, tactics and policies used in cyber industry.  

- Blue Team/Red Team  

- Cyber Analyst  

- Cyber Ops  

- Offensive/Defensive Cyber  

- Cyber Policy  

- Cyber Operator  

- Security Control Assessor  

- Defense Research Analyst  

- Cyber Planner  

Software Development & System Engineering- Using programming languages Python / JAVA and open source and cloud-based software to include ELK Stack, Hadoop, AWS and Azure.  

- Enterprise Architect  

- Software Developer  

- Video Game Design and Development   

- Open Source Developer  

- Mobile Application Developer  

- Programming & Coding  

- Cloud Architect   

- Security and Network Architect  

Data Analytics & Big Data

- Data Virtualization Engineering   

- Data Scientist & Analyst