Humana Summer 2021 Tech Internship Program is now OPEN for Students to Apply! (Remote/Virtual Work Option Nationwide)

While we may be well known for our efforts in the insurance space, Humana is a tech company at its core. We would not be able to function the way we do today without the solutions, support, and analytical insights provided by our IT organization! We are currently seeking interns who are interested in joining our team and bringing fresh new perspectives to the world of health using technology as a conduit.

The Basics:

A key ingredient to our program’s success has revolved around our dedication to our internship being a developmental program – meaning you do not need to know everything when you join the IT team as an intern! We are here to help teach and guide you along the way by providing learning sessions, resources, and workshops. You will have a safe space to learn and be given autonomy to bring your creative solutions to very real problems. Interns are also provided multiple opportunities for networking throughout the summer! One networking event in particular that is back by popular demand are the coffee chats that we host with anyone and everyone from directors up to our CIO! On top of that, you will be exposed to the latest technologies and best practices within a Fortune 500 company. The solutions developed by past and current interns are accessible to over 50,000+ Humana associates, which means no “coffee run” projects here – only meaningful work!


We have several areas with Internship opportunities for next summer. Read below to find the best fit for you and your career goals!

  • Humana IT Insurance + Pharmacy (HIP)
    • HIP facilitates technology improvements and solutions for Humana Health and Well-Being business. Our bread and butter is the development and release of systems and applications! As an intern in this space, you have the opportunity to develop technical solutions through programming, requirements gathering, and eventual product release. We do our best to provide a tailored experience so each intern can leave us feeling successful. HIP even has a team dedicated to making the HIP internship experience as enjoyable as possible – with practice demos, a rigorous feedback process, and a meet + greet with our SVP! Past interns  of HIP have utilized a wide variety of technologies – working in areas focused on mobile, web, dashboard, data science, cloud, DevOps, and analytics. Come join us and help us build solutions to solve real problems that our teams are facing every day!
  • Technology Advancement (TA)
    • “We must disrupt ourselves before we are disrupted.” That point is central to the mission of Technology Advancement (TA) because of the exponential pace of change of technology – a pace of change that presents a fundamental opportunity for Humana. TA’s aim is to seize this opportunity by acting as a catalyst for organizational change and idea incubation. We do this by: Scanning externally for emerging technology, scanning internally and understanding what’s happening with the business strategy – and projecting that forward, leading technology enabled business model innovation efforts to achieve competitive advantage and, articulating the specific Humana architecture and the blueprint that keeps Humana ahead of technology trends.  As an intern in the TA organization you will be at the forefront of Humana's adoption of cutting edge technology solutions. In particular, you will support our cloud-first strategy and/or health care interoperability initiative. Humana is a few years into our cloud journey and you will have the opportunity to do things such as develop cloud-native applications, leverage PaaS services in Azure and GCP, create terraform templates, and enforce best-in-class cloud security through automation. Health care interoperability - the ability to share data between patients, payers, and providers to improve health outcomes - is another area of strategic focus. In this space you will have to opportunity to develop API-based data sharing platforms in a product-centric model.
  • IT Infrastructure (SCS)
    • IT Infrastructure provides and supports Humana’s infrastructure, including network and data center implementation and support, cloud infrastructure, infrastructure automation, and database services; these services support IT development efforts and Humana business overall. As an intern in this space, you have the opportunity to develop technical solutions that affect the entire company such as infrastructure solutions design, software defined network implementation, automation of operations, and database design and support. Past interns have helped develop processes, training, and implementation for the automation center of excellence.
  • Enterprise Information Protection (EIP)
    • EIP is Humana’s Cyber Security department. As an intern in EIP you will have the opportunity to work with cyber security specialists and learn how Humana protects user and member data against cyber threats and hackers. Past interns have helped to define and implement security controls, worked with security technology and have supported security operations and risk management.

Based on the above, you are more than welcome to share your preference with your college programs recruiter – but there is no harm if you are still exploring your options. We know there is a lot out there to choose from! Even if you are one who knows exactly what you want to be when you grow up, sharing your preference does not guarantee placement in a given space.

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