UTSA Honors Graduating Students at Fall 2018 Commencement

The University of Texas at San Antonio honored its Fall 2018 graduating students on Sunday, December 16, 2018 at the Alamodome in downtown San Antonio. Over 4,200 UTSA graduates were eligible to cross the stage and receive their degrees, including many from the Department of Computer Science.

70 undergraduate Computer Science students received their bachelors degrees this Fall 2018, 54% of which specialized in the Software Engineering concentration, 9% in the Data Science concentration, and 9% in the Computer and Information Security concentration (to be renamed as the Cybersecurity concentration).

Of the graduating Computer Science undergraduates this Fall 2018, three were recognized with Summa Cum Laude honors, six with Magna Cum Laude honors, and ten with Cum Laude honors.

Nine graduate Computer Science students received their masters degrees in Fall 2018, three of which specialized in the Computer and Information Security concentration.

Three PhD Computer Science students earned their doctorates this Fall 2018, though eight total walked the stage at commencement as they had fulfilled their requirements in an earlier semester. Below are the names and dissertations for the doctoral candidates recognized at the Fall 2018 Commencement ceremony.

Mahmoud Abdelsalam Aslan Abdelsalam (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ravi Sandhu)
Dissertation Title: "Malware Detection in Cloud Computing Systems Using Machine Learning"

Tahmina Ahmed (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ravi Sandhu)
Dissertation Title: "Expressive Power, Safety, and Cloud Implementation of Attribute and Relationship Based Access Control Models"

Erdal Akin (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Turgay Korkmaz)
Dissertation Title: "Routing Multiple Flows and Collecting Link State Information in SDN"

Smriti Biswas (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ravi Sandhu)
Dissertation Title: "Attribute-Based Access and Communication Control Models for Cloud and Cloud-Enabled Internet of Things"

Prosunjit Biswas (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ravi Sandhu)
Dissertation Title: "Enumerated Authorization Policy APAC Models: Expressive Power and Enforcement"

Sharif Mohammad Shahnewaz Ferdous (Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Quarles)
Dissertation Title: "Postural Stability for People with Balance Impairments in Virtual and Augmented Reality"

Manaak Gupta (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ravi Sandhu)
Dissertation Title: "Secure Cloud Assisted Smart Cars and Big Data: Access Control and Implementation"

Rodrigo David Escobar Palacios (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rajendra V. Boppana)
Dissertation Title: "Performance Prediction of Parallel Applications"