Dr. Jianhua Ruan, Department of Computer Science, UTSA

Spring 2009 Data and Vision Weekly Seminar

Organizers: Qi Tian, Kay Robbins, Weining Zhang, Tom Bylander, Carola Wenk, Yufei Huang (EE), Jianhua Ruan.
Time: 10:00-11:00 am, Every Friday
Place: SB 4.01.20, CS Conference Room

Previous Seminars

Schedule for Spring 2009

01/30 Angela Dean (Ruan lab) Cancelled
02/06 Jie Xiao (Tian lab)
02/13 Dragana Veljkovic (Robbins lab)
02/20 Prof Todd Troyer
02/27 Hongwei Tian (Zhang lab)
03/06 Atlas Cook (Wenk lab)
03/13 Sprint Break
03/20 Jian Cui (Huang lab)
03/27 Xia Li (Tian lab)
04/03 Chengwei Lei (Ruan lab)
04/10 Mark Doderer (Robbins lab)
04/17 Angela Dean (Ruan lab)
04/24 Jia Meng (Huang lab)
05/01 Lijie Zhang (Zhang lab)
05/08 Isha Gupta (Wenk lab)

Seminar information

Questions and Comments?

Please send emails to jruan@cs.utsa.edu, or seminar co-organizers: Kay Robbins, Weining Zhang, Yufei Huang, Carola Wenk, and Qi Tian.


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