The Putnam Mathematical Competition is an annual contest (started in the 1940's) with thousands of registered students from over 500 American institutions of higher education. Putnam exam problems cover topics from the high-school and college curriculum, including arithmetic and number theory, combinatorics and games, algebra, geometry and trigonometry as well as calculus and linear algebra. The 2013 Putnam competition will be held in December.


Former UTSA Putnam contestants include students majoring or minoring in mathematics as well as physics, computer science, biology and engineering.


MAT 4953.001 (Special Topics in Mathematics), offered Fall 2013, is a unique seminar-style, student-centric 3-credit course focused on problem-solving techniques and skills such as those required for a career in the exact sciences and for solving competition-caliber problems.


MAT 4953 holds 3-hour meetings (Friday afternoon, 4:00-6:45pm) meant to foster a more relaxed environment than a formal class. MAT 4953 has no prerequisites and is open for enrollment to all undergraduate students. Honors credit is granted to qualifying Honors College students.


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