Considering Going to Law School? Prepare for it!


2013 UTSA Summer Law School Preparation Academy (SLSPA)

Since the SLSPA's creation, its students have secured acceptances to and
enrolled in a diverse array of law schools throughout the United States.

The SLSPA encompasses 12 hours of coursework specifically designed to
prepare students for law school and the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) by
emphasizing analytical thinking, critical reading, and quality writing
skills. The pre-law curriculum is supplemented by guest speakers and
practical experiences. Students who complete the SLSPA receive the
Certificate in Legal Reasoning.

The Academy incorporates two phases, with students taking 2 3- credit
undergraduate courses in each. Students apply for Phase I as sophomores and
attend the Academy during the summer between their sophomore and junior
years. Students enroll in Phase II during the summer after their junior year
and before their senior year. All Phase II students will take a case-law
course and an LSAT preparation course.

Deadline to apply for early admission: March 15

Deadline to apply for regular admission: April 15